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Horse Hair Pottery
Horse Hair Pottery
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As an art form potters have been applying and firing their wares with anything and everything they can find around the shop or farm for centuries.


Horse Hair Pottery is one of the newer pottery avenues for artistitic expression with nature.

The modern story tells of a Native American woman lifting heated pots from her kiln when her own hair fell against the pot leaving charred and smoked patterns on the ware.


Thankfully human hair too fine to leave distinctive markings so horse tail and mane hair have made fine plentiful substitutes.  Simply brushing the horse or trimming bridle paths provides plenty of hair.  The more coarse tail hair from the horse leaves bold distinctive markings and mane hair provides for more delicate lines and smoke patterns.  Any hair from most any creature on the planet can be transformed with this art form.


The process starts with pottery that is fired to around 1850 degrees F.  Horse hair is applied by hand to the pottery between 1,500 and 1000 degrees F as the pottery cools.

The hair carbonizes on to the pottery leaving shadowy waving line and smoke patterns.  On bare pottery the patterns are soft where application on glazed pieces leaves more contrasting markings.  When the pottery has cooled it is cleaned and scrubbed and then finished with UV protective coating.



We can combine carving and glazing techniques with the horse hair technique to create unique pieces to honor your friend and companion.



Other hair (or feathers) can be used in the process. This pot was decorated with the hair of Highland Cattle (special thanks to Amy Allen and Allen Acres Highland Cattle)

Visit Amy Allen's website

Customized pots available,  You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.  Just provide a small sample of horse hair and we will create a customized keepsake pot from your horses hair.

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